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No one took away a gay’s right to marry

This is one of the more basic infallible arguments I can make. Because marriage is the UNION OF A MAN AND A WOMAN, every person of legal age in California has a right to marry. Any gay man has the right to marry a woman, as a gay woman has the right to marry a ┬áman. No one has taken away that right! Just because a group of people defined by their behavior choices decides they don’t want to participate in traditional marriage, doesn’t mean they should have some made-just-for-them right crafted by the court to make them happy. Let’s remember, the people of California decided to keep the definition of marriage the way it has been for generations. It was 4 judges who decided it included any two breathing humans. 3 judges saw the legal problem of overturning the will of the people, so basically it was because 1 judge decided it was too unpopular to side with the majority of Californians. Tradition, history, the perpetuation of the human race itself all support the common sense definition of marriage. And now we are letting a subculture of people defined by their behavior mandate that their definition of marriage be accepted. Wake up California! Would we let drunk drivers determine the legal limit? Would we allow drug addicts the right to determine which drugs are illegal? Why do we allow gay rights activists to define what marriage is? YES ON 8!!