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This is how most of us feel!

Please read this article. It explains my personal feelings, and the general feelings of the hundreds and thousands of Prop 8 supporters I have met the past few weeks. We do not have a hatred of people with same-sex attraction. Prop 8 is not a referendum against gays. It is a referendum against a Supreme Court overstepping its bounds, and a referendum against defining marriage as something other than the union of a man and a woman.


A Biology Teacher Speaks!

The following is taken from a comment by a biology teacher.

“Under the laws which govern the registered domestic partnerships, same sex couples can enjoy all of the legal rights that are guaranteed to couples who must by law register for their marriage license.  The problem is only 5% of the same sex couples have filed for this protection.  If they feel so passionate, why do they not take the steps necessary to ensure their rights are protected?  Second, having just finished our unit on ecology, which covers such things as populations and genetic diversity, organisms which do not reproduce face extinction.  By their choice to remove themselves from the natural order of all living things, does set the same sex couple apart.  Third, since marriage is a title which is connected directly with religious commitment, marriage should be the label connected with that commitment.  Couples who seek to not have a religious marriage and are “married” by a civic employee such as a city mayor, have selected to
have a civil union/domestic partnership.  The same sex community can have any kind of “party” celebrating their relationship, no one is stopping them.  The support of prop 8 protects those who choose to practice their religion from same sex couples who will seek to be married religiously even though that life style goes against the religions moral code.  Is that discriminating?  No, that is religious freedom.”

Where Do Babies Come From?

I think this video says it all.

Real Civil Rights

Examples of tolerance?

I was out exercising my first amendment right to free speech today, holding signs saying the following: “Vote Yes on 8”, “Prop 8=Religious Freedom”, and “Prop 8= Parental Rights.” A group of us met at a local parking lot, and then set out for 40 minute stints at two locations, a corner near two coffe shops at a busy intersection in the artsy midtown section of Sacramento, and an intersection right off Interstate 5 near a popular touristy area, known as Old Sacramento. While I, and to other couples were holding up signs, we received occasional honks, but it was the words, gestures, and complete anger and animosity of some which I will remember for a long time. Here is a list of what was yelled at either myself or the other couples holding signs today.

“Bigot”, “Piece of $#it”, “Homophobe”, “Hater”, “You don’t know what the hell your talking about, you have no clue, do you?”, “A-hole”, and, of course, the many varieties and forms of the F-word. Not at any time, did I or any one else with me say any hateful words, attack any group of people or person, or use our hands to make the one-fingered salute. We just simply stood with our signs, the language in the signs also with nothing hateful written on them.

In my efforts on the Yes on 8 campaign, I have generally been impressed with people who disagree with our cause, because most of them have been cordial, some even wishing me good luck. But as election day draws closer, emotions seem to be running higher, and many of the younger generation,those under 30, who are opposed to our campaign, are increasingly antagonistic, caustic, and hateful in their comments and treatment of me or others involved in the campaign. It is unfortunate that civility seems to be gone from campaigns. A thumbs down or a shake of the head “no” is all that someone needs to say to get their point across.

A funny and persuasive case for Obama

I didn’t vote for either candidate, but when I see Matlock, the Fonz, and Ronnie Howard telling me to vote Obama, I must admit my redness took on a little more blue hue.

Gay Marriage/Gay Rights already being pushed in school

Some schools just can’t help themselves. Despite what the California Superintendent of Education says, REAL NEWS proves that the gay lifestyle is being taught to kids, in this case Kindergartners! 

Read the story here.