This is how most of us feel!

Please read this article. It explains my personal feelings, and the general feelings of the hundreds and thousands of Prop 8 supporters I have met the past few weeks. We do not have a hatred of people with same-sex attraction. Prop 8 is not a referendum against gays. It is a referendum against a Supreme Court overstepping its bounds, and a referendum against defining marriage as something other than the union of a man and a woman.


2 responses to “This is how most of us feel!

  1. prop8discussion

    the best part of this experience has been where i’ve realized that we really can help our society be better. whether or not prop 8 passes– we all need to work together to make families stronger. all families.

    thank you for your site and your courage.

    gender matters. children have a right to a mom and a dad.


  2. I find it wonderful that other faiths have stood with the LDS church and not let them take the flak alone.

    Los Angeles interfaith leaders voiced their support for the LDS church this afternoon, saying: “The peaceful faiths, families, educators, activists, and community servants who make up the protect Marriage Coalition are saddened to hear of the continued targeted attacks on the Mormon people during and after the conclusion of this fair and certified election. Like many churches, the family is the anchor of the LDS faith and it is no surprise that its members in California joined other faiths in giving everything they had to Proposition 8.“

    It’s one of the more amazing things of this election, that so many faiths were able to build bridges and find common ground to stand on.

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