A Biology Teacher Speaks!

The following is taken from a comment by a biology teacher.

“Under the laws which govern the registered domestic partnerships, same sex couples can enjoy all of the legal rights that are guaranteed to couples who must by law register for their marriage license.  The problem is only 5% of the same sex couples have filed for this protection.  If they feel so passionate, why do they not take the steps necessary to ensure their rights are protected?  Second, having just finished our unit on ecology, which covers such things as populations and genetic diversity, organisms which do not reproduce face extinction.  By their choice to remove themselves from the natural order of all living things, does set the same sex couple apart.  Third, since marriage is a title which is connected directly with religious commitment, marriage should be the label connected with that commitment.  Couples who seek to not have a religious marriage and are “married” by a civic employee such as a city mayor, have selected to
have a civil union/domestic partnership.  The same sex community can have any kind of “party” celebrating their relationship, no one is stopping them.  The support of prop 8 protects those who choose to practice their religion from same sex couples who will seek to be married religiously even though that life style goes against the religions moral code.  Is that discriminating?  No, that is religious freedom.”


6 responses to “A Biology Teacher Speaks!

  1. That’s an interesting factoid on the percentage of same-sex couples who have actually registered for domestic partnerships.

    Is there a source for the data? I only ask because I’d like to cite it.


  2. HI, I really want to start by saying that I truly respect everyones opinions and beliefs. You make the statement that marriage is a religious based commitment, Yet people marry everyday who consider themselves to be non religious people. People marry on hillsides and in courthouses. My wishing to marry my partner of 11 years has absolutely NOTHING to do with having a party. Is that how you define the definition of marriage? I have heard so many things regarding this subject since the onslought of prop 8. Marriage is a binding agreement, a coming together of two halves. I find it amazing that religion enters the picture as the religious sect feels fit to do so. When sarah pallin came forth and said her teenage unwed pregnant daughter was going to marry the man who fathered her child, suddenly all was forgiven. Marriage is held so sacredly in the heterosexual community and yet, There is adultery and and divorce. I dont expect or truly feel that anyone needs to understand why I am wired the way that I am. I am not a catholic, I am not a christian , I am not black nor am I a woman. I will never understand these things and yet I appreciate and accept them and allow them the civil rights that all living people should be entitled to. I know many loving commited gay relationships with children who are happy healthy well adjusted children. and many straight relationships with children that come from broken unhappy homes. As an adult in this day and age I dont understand why we would not want our children to grow up with a healthy acceptance and tolerance for everyone. This is the only way that our world is going to heal. I allow you to be who you are, allow us to be who we are and not less than. This is all that we are truly asking for.

  3. I just reread your comment. I have to say I am more afraid that you as a biology teacher responsible for teaching our youth , that you would make the comment “That by our CHOICE we remove ourselves from the natural order of all living things” Now, THAT is really something to think about

  4. First of all, thank you so much for your commitment to our children. Teaching is such an honorable profession and you should be commended. As a biology teacher, you realize that abnormality exists in nature; in plants and in animals. In people, approximately 1% of the population is born with some form of both male and female genitalia. Usually, surgery is performed to make the child either male or female. As a gay man, I also am abnormal. Like many other, though a small minority, somehow my wiring got crossed before I was born so that I am attracted to my own sex. I did not choose to be gay–I had nothing to do with it. Of the thousands of gay people I have run in to during my life, I don’t know of a single one who chose to be gay. Just like you did not choose to be straight, I did not choose to be gay. So I know you are wrong when you stated that we chose to remove ourselves from the natural order of things. I agree with you that the main reason for marriage is procreation. But, obviously, it’s not the only reason people get married as we don’t remove that right if a couple is infertile, elderly or choose not to have children. I have been in a loving relationship for many years and my partner and I have a registered domestic partnership. But it is not a marriage. Separate but equal is not so equal; any way you look at it, it is not afforded the same rights and status as a marriage. Thanks for your input and opinion. I respect it a great deal. Peace to you.

  5. Duane,
    There is no accepted scientific proof that sexual orientation is a determined hard-wired before birth condition. Rather, evidence shows that sexual orientation is a complex combination of social, emotional, and mental factors in an individual. If there were such a thing as a “gay” gene, wouldn’t gays be extinct through natural selection, since gays cannot procreate? It seems that over time, such a gene would fail to replicate in the next generation. The biological argument for homosexuality is without any conclusive accepted proof. That being said, I do not harbor any hatred towards people who define themselves as homosexual, GLBT, or anything else. Rather, I believe that traditional marriage, despite its deterioration over the years, is still a worthwhile aim, and is still the ideal for the rearing of children. I do not believe that two homosexuals can offer the same guidance, examples, and gender-role modeling to children that heterosexuals offer. That is not because two gay people are less, second class, or otherwise. It is because they are both of the same gender, which isn’t the same as having two genders in a parental role. That doesn’t mean gay people cannot do a good job of parenting. It means that no matter how wonderful a homosexual couple is as parents, they cannot provide the same environment a mother-father situation presents.

  6. Thanks for your response. You make some great points and I agree with some of them. I still do believe that homosexuality is a physical trait. If you spend any time with gay men and women, you notice a physical difference. Evidence does not conclusively show it is social, emotional and mental. Some studies do but most of the more current studies show it is decided in the womb. True, homosexuals don’t procreate but because of this abnormality, gays will continue to be a part of the population.

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