Examples of tolerance?

I was out exercising my first amendment right to free speech today, holding signs saying the following: “Vote Yes on 8”, “Prop 8=Religious Freedom”, and “Prop 8= Parental Rights.” A group of us met at a local parking lot, and then set out for 40 minute stints at two locations, a corner near two coffe shops at a busy intersection in the artsy midtown section of Sacramento, and an intersection right off Interstate 5 near a popular touristy area, known as Old Sacramento. While I, and to other couples were holding up signs, we received occasional honks, but it was the words, gestures, and complete anger and animosity of some which I will remember for a long time. Here is a list of what was yelled at either myself or the other couples holding signs today.

“Bigot”, “Piece of $#it”, “Homophobe”, “Hater”, “You don’t know what the hell your talking about, you have no clue, do you?”, “A-hole”, and, of course, the many varieties and forms of the F-word. Not at any time, did I or any one else with me say any hateful words, attack any group of people or person, or use our hands to make the one-fingered salute. We just simply stood with our signs, the language in the signs also with nothing hateful written on them.

In my efforts on the Yes on 8 campaign, I have generally been impressed with people who disagree with our cause, because most of them have been cordial, some even wishing me good luck. But as election day draws closer, emotions seem to be running higher, and many of the younger generation,those under 30, who are opposed to our campaign, are increasingly antagonistic, caustic, and hateful in their comments and treatment of me or others involved in the campaign. It is unfortunate that civility seems to be gone from campaigns. A thumbs down or a shake of the head “no” is all that someone needs to say to get their point across.


2 responses to “Examples of tolerance?

  1. And I can say the same… A group of grown ups told me it was child abuse to have my children protesting with me. There were plenty of middle fingers, downward facing thumbs, a few “assholes”, and one ‘up your asshole’. All in front of my children and essentially at my children. Where has civility, free speech and mutual respect for one another gone?

    I was holding a No on 8 sign. Marriage for all.

    P.S. I think what your missing here is that many of us view a ‘yes on 8’ sign as hateful.

  2. realtolerance

    Explain to me how “Yes on 8” is hateful? Do you also find the sight of a heterosexual family walking down the street hateful? When you pass a Baptist, Catholic, Mormon, or Evangelical church, do you view them all as hateful?
    Tell me how my supporting traditional marriage, the institution of a two-parent, two-gendered relationship, is hateful? Is supporting a good automatically mean you hate what you deem as not being ideal?
    I am offended when my vote, and the vote of 61% of California, is thrown away because 4 judges think otherwise. I am offended when a public official like Gavin Newsome has no respect for law until it suits him. He violated prop 22 in 2004, and Federal law, when he performed illegal marriages in SF. Now that the court has made same-sex marriage legal, now he decides to abide by the law. If same-sex marriage is wanted by the public, then it should be put on the ballot for a vote, not instituted through the courts.

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